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Resource Links to Availabe Data

Data and Maps

The Mojave Water Agency has developed a wide-range of water data available on the Mojave Water Agency website.  Please follow the various links, listed below, to learn more about this data.

Baja Water Levels and Water Quality
Current and historic water levels and water qaulity in the Baja Subarea:  The USGS and Mojave Water Agency monitor ground water levels and ground water quality within the Mojave Water Agency Regional Basin.  This data is available for viewing and downloading on theUSGS National Water Information System Water Data for the Nation website.
Link to Baja Water Levels
Link to Baja Water Quality

Surface Water
Surface water data is collected by the USGS operating five surface water monitoring stations along the Mojave River.  Access this data on the Regional Surface Water page.
Link to Regional Surface Water

Regional Water Table
In cooperation with MWA, the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) has conducted a series of regional water level and land-subsidence studies in the Mojave River and Morongo Groundwater Basins. This on-going scientific investigation, which began in 1992, is an effort to monitor groundwater conditions of the southwestern part of the Mojave Desert. For further information and other map documents please access the USGS site: Mojave Water Resources
Link to Regional Water Table Map

Storage and Banking
To satisfy current and future basin obligations, MWA imports water from the State Water Project under its State Water Contract and acquires water through exchange with other State Water Contractors. Water that is imported is recharged into groundwater basins in the Alto, Baja and Centro Subareas.
Link to Storage and Banking

State Water Project Water Deliveries
The State Water Project provides Mojave Water Agency's source of supplemental water supply--that is, supply used to supplement natural water flows into the ground within the service area. MWA owns 82,800 acre-feet of "Table A" water rights on the SWP, which it exercises as needed to meet demands within the MWA service area. A handful of water delivery systems bring water from the SWP to groundwater recharge locations throughout MWA.
Link to State Water Project Deliveries

Adjudication and Production Data
Mojave Water Agency was appointed as Watermaster in 1993 pursuant to the Court Judgment which adjudicated the rights to pump groundwater in the Mojave Basin Area. Watermaster's main responsibilities are to monitor and verify water production for approximately 475 parties (1,700 wells), collect required assessments, conduct studies and prepare an annual report of its findings and activities to the Court. Watermaster also acts as the clearinghouse for recording water transfers, maintains records for all such transfers and reports changes in ownership of Base Annual Production rights to the Court.
Find out more about the history of the adjudication, Judgement, and other Watermaster responsibilities at the link:
Link to Watermaster

Link to Baja Subarea Verified Production

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